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Protect your Family and Business in the Digital World

with the DigitalGuru DCD System


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We help parents and small business owners identify and bridge competency gaps using our unique and easy DigitalGuru DCD system designed to protect your family and profits from cyber criminals.

Protect Your Children in the Digital Age

Kids spend more time online now more than ever, creating additional risk and challenges for Parents. This FREE Digital Parenting Assessment is your first step to overcoming these challenges and Protecting your entire Family.


Get More Done with Your SMART Phone

Smart Phone sales are outselling every other digital device globally. Smart Phones are very powerful and costly. Show the world you can get much more out of your Smart Phone investment by becoming a Certified SMART User.

bUSINESS Profits

Save Your Business Profits from your Employees

Over 70% of Companies identified their Employees as their Greatest Vulnerability in Cyber Breaches, resulting in billions in revenue Losses globally. Click here to Access your Complimentary Cyber Skills:  Staff  Assessment and Report.